What’s new in Alzheimer’s research?

As new treatments for Alzheimer’s continue to be trialled, some are focusing on its very earliest stages – the period of time when symptoms are starting to show, but people have not yet developed dementia.

It’s hoped that getting in early might slow the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. There are a number of approaches underway, focused on Amyloid, a brain protein which, when it clumps together, is associated with the development of Alzheimer’s. One approach is to try to make the Amyloid more soluble. Another is the basis of a clinical research trial running at six sites across New Zealand and Australia…

Research is underway in Australia and New Zealand to investigate the very earliest signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. If you, or someone you know is encountering small, annoying memory lapses from time to time, you could refer them to our Memory Quiz. It’s a few short questions which will determine whether you or they qualify to take part in a new clinical research trial into early memory loss – a further step forward in Alzheimer’s research.

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