Weird and wonderful left behind


Rushing to check out and catch your flight, it’s easy and common to leave behind phones, phone chargers, ties or even teddy bears – around 75,000 are left in Travelodge hotels across the UK in an average year – but have you heard some of the more wacky things people are leaving behind?

In Travelodge’s annual list of left behinds, 2015 was the year a Shetland Pony called pudding, a collection of lightsabers, and a range of prosthetic legs with shoes attached were all forgotten by guests rushing on to their next destination.

Some other interesting items that slipped people’s minds included:

  • A rice cooker
  • A diamond tiara
  • A set of manuals on how to fly a plane
  • A five foot-tall, Swarovski crystal encrusted wedding cake
  • A 50-year old stamp collection
  • A contract between two oil companies, and
  • A Mother-in-Law called June

“How could you leave your Mother-in-law behind?” you might ask. Well, memory lapses affect us all from time to time – maybe due to stress or too many to-do’s piling up. However, for some people lapses such as these could be the first signs of something more serious – like Alzheimer’s disease.

If you live in Christchurch, Adelaide or Auckland and are worried about your memory, take our Memory Quiz to see if you might be eligible to be considered for the early memory loss clinical trial.

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