Interested in taking part in an early memory loss clinical trial?

To qualify for the early memory loss trials happening in Australia and New Zealand now, you need to meet certain criteria.

For starters, your level of forgetfulness has to be bad enough that it is not just normal forgetting. There are certain medications or health conditions that could provide another explanation for your memory problems, and so make you ineligible to take part in a trial. You may not have someone to take you to appointments and observe your symptoms. If you do tick all the boxes, and you’re keen to take part…there are still more things to think about.

Research is underway in Australia and New Zealand to investigate the very earliest signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. If you, or someone you know is encountering small, annoying memory lapses from time to time, you could refer them to our Memory Quiz. It’s a few short questions which will determine whether you or they qualify to take part in a new clinical research trial into early memory loss – a further step forward in Alzheimer’s research.

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