Happy Parents’ Day!

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As we grow older and have children of our own, our parents turn to grandparents and settle into their golden years. Many of us will relate to parents continuing to work, perhaps at a slower pace, or enjoying some spare time in retirement – finally taking that big OE or hitting the golf course more often.

At any rate, Parents’ Day is a fabulous excuse to catch up with the two people in your life for whom a “thank you” just doesn’t seem great enough!

An official, legally recognised day in the United States, it was actually proclaimed by President Bill Clinton in 1994 with the intention of celebrating and encouraging good, wholesome family values.

The United Nations also has a Global Parents Day – the same date as International Children’s Day – on 1st July every year.

It was never intended as a day of gift-giving – like Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day can be accused of – but a time to share the love and appreciation, in case we had to forgotten to do so on other days of the year. Mostly our parents just like to be involved in our lives, to keep up with what’s going on, help where they can and know we’re looking out for them too, so every fourth Sunday of July, treating our parents to a Sunday brunch, or getting outdoors with them for a change of scenery seems like the least we could do.

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