Fuel Pump Forgetfulness


You’re late for work, step in the car and the fuel empty light is glowing, great.

By the time you pull up at the petrol station, you can’t for the life of you remember which side the fuel tank is on – passenger or driver side? It’s a 50/50 chance you’ll make yourself even later…

But there’s an easy way to pull up on the correct side of the pump every time which doesn’t require any remembering on your part.

On the dashboard, look at the tiny fuel pump icon on or around your fuel gauge. Newer cars (built after 2003) will have a little triangle pointing to the side of the car which the fuel cap is on. Even in older cars with no triangular arrow, the hose on the icon will often indicate which side to access the petrol tank.

In the above image, for example, the arrow is pointing towards the left of this vehicle. It’s letting you know that the fuel tank is on the passenger side, so you’d want to be parking it on the right hand side of the pump for maximum ease and speed at the pump.

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